Ruby from Rails

By Prathamesh Sonpatki

Elevator Pitch

Rails is just Ruby. We can learn a lot about Ruby internals from Rails source code. Let’s do a dive through Rails source code and learn some Ruby internals.


Rails is ultimately just a giant repository of Ruby code. It uses Ruby in many esoteric ways. But we can also learn a lot about idiomatic Ruby, about how to write performant Ruby code and also about some less discussed things like DelegateClass!

Let’s discuss all of these and learn more about Ruby from Rails.


I think we can learn a lot about Ruby from the big code repositories that we already have, for example Rails. Because they have real world battle tested examples also sometimes with some weird reasonings which can help us better understand Ruby.

I am involved with Rails development as a member of issues team for last 6 months and as a contributor for around 3 years. I have personally learned a lot about different features of Ruby from Rails code itself! So that makes me perfect fit for giving this talk 😀