Case Study: migrating Docker Swarm to AWS Fargate

By Renata Rocha

Elevator Pitch

Fargate sounds right outta a sci-fi channel, right? The Fargate service has been available since 2017, it’s about time we start using this robust and flexible platform to integrate with serverless services like Lambda and have better control of our containers! I’ll tell you everything!


I was hired by client who wanted to move away from their docker swarm setup to a platform that would be more reliable and stable. Most of their stack was already on AWS, and one of the solutions considered was EKS - but it didn’t attend the client’s needs and a custom K8S setup would be too costly.

Fargate came up as the perfect alternative - the infrastructure can be automated with Terraform, it’s easily autoscalable and connects easily with Lambda functions, allowing the client to move into a more serverless architecture.

This talk is supposed to be a walkthrough on the following sub topics: - What what the problem with Docker Swarm - What were the alternatives proposed - Why did we chose Fargate - How did we plan the migration - What issues did we face - How is the infrastructure today - Is the client satisfied with the choice?