Using Terraform to manage AWS

By Renata Rocha

Elevator Pitch

An introduction of how Hashicorp’s Terraform works with AWS to create and manage an automated infrastructure, for people who would like more control and a more scalable architecture. Or just those who are new to DevOps.


This is a beginner level talk aimed at people who don’t know how Terraform interacts with AWS. The idea is to give a quick walkthrough on the basics to allow the audience to get started on this exciting and powerful tool and Infrastructure as Code. Topics will consist (but are not limited to) of: - What is AWS - What is Terraform - How does Terraform work with AWS - Terraform basics: format, terraform init/plan/apply, .tf files - Creating your first AWS instance using Terraform


I have been using AWS and Terraform to manage infrastructure since 2016, and AWS in general since 2010. The audience is not required to have the tools installed since the purpose of the talk is only demonstration - I will provide links to packages and how to install tools at the end of the talk.

The purpose is to break the ice and make Infrastructure as Code look more friendly and easier to the beginner DevOps.