Gaurav Sehrawat;



Interesting Me

Working with interesting technology and people have been my hobby always. I am self-motivated and ready to take challenges. Understanding business requirements excites me since there are lot of improvements to be made. I started my career in college with open source contribution under Google’s patronage. I have worked with interesting technology from the start whether it is writing code for super computers or building React App. I worked on language called “Clay”, writing language is fun and hard. I worked on web framework developed under the language. Then I started working on building chatbots.

Current I am focussing on “Curious case of payments industry” with Verifone.

More About Me

I am meetup junkie, I love giving talks at meetup and help organize meetups. I love hackathons too, till date I have attended 10 hackathons and won 1 one of them. I have working with people from different culture always.

Problem Solver

And above all, I love coding, problem solving has been party of my life daily. And last thing, learning never stops for me, adapting to situation and life is very handy. I learn new things every day. Currently I am super focused on Javascript/Typescript and its ecosystem. I am a polyglot programmer too.