Scott Steinbeck



Software Engineer specializing in web and mobile application development. My passion is creating solutions through software, my focus has been development in ColdFusion and JavaScript.

Over the last 10 years, I have produced 100+ websites including site for: Company Storefronts, Online Shopping, Customer Relationship Management, Content Management Systems, Engineering Plan Rooms, Educational Testing, Learning Information Systems, Agricultural Tracking & Analysis, Automated Billing, Report Forecasting, Agricultural Scouting, GIS Mapping Solutions, Irrigation Management, just to name a few.

My background includes 12+ years of programming experience with a focus on ColdFusion, MySQL, JavaScript, IOT, and Phone Gap. A more detailed list of the JavaScript frameworks I work with includes: ReactJS, Angular JS, ExtJS, Ionic Framework, & jQuery. I have 7+ years of experience in managing application and database servers with extensive knowledge in MySQL optimization.

My Talks

Build your own Raspberry Pi powered Server Status monitor with LEDs!