Tips and Tricks for Speakers

By Scott Stoll

Elevator Pitch

Many “how to speak” presentations are heavy on motivation & light on how to actually give a talk. Where do you learn about reading an audience? Mistake recovery when it goes wrong? Death by over-preparation? How do you impress the promoter and get invited back? Come Padawan, you have much to learn.


At the tender age of 26, Scott was pulled aside and taught the finer points of how to give presentations, “as a mercy to his audiences”. Since then, he’s made a fool of himself on stages in more than thirteen cities on two continents, spanning eight timezones and more third-rate pizza slices than any human should have to endure.

Now you can benefit from his mistakes, and learn things like:

  • The four main classes of talks.
  • Death by over-preparation.
  • Event speakers work the whole event, not just 40 minutes of it.
  • Handling stage fright.
  • Grabbing their attention from the word go.
  • Being entertaining enough, but not too much.
  • How to spot when you’re losing them.
  • Shaking an audience up.
  • Mistake recovery and handling massive SNAFUs.
  • When to script it and when & how to wing-it.
  • How to impress event promoters so you get invited back.

So are you in your seat yet, or should I tell you more?


This talk is about important but unconventional things one needs to understand plus practical, actionable tips and tricks that people can use. If this is one of the first talks of the day, any speakers who attend it can use the things they learn here in their own talks, on that same day.