Simbarashe Timothy Motsi

Harare, Zimbabwe


A quick bio about me…

Hi! I’m Simbarashe Timothy Motsi, let me drop a link to my personal page before l forget any keypoint some of my online badges are here as well.
My passion is in computer vision and am a data scientist in my spare time, as for academics l a final year computer science student at the University of Zimbabwe, was born in the month of December in 1995.

Affiliated organisations.

On to some interesting stuff, l am the Southern Africa regional head for the School of AI , l am the Dean for the Harare School of AI. This is an organisation that aims to provide world-class Artificial Intelligence education for free. Here is a video to assist with a more detailed explanation about the organisation.

l am also fortunate to be a member of Deep This is an organisation that aims to provide enterprise solutions using AI driven techniques.

Content creation

I had the honor of creating an online MOOC for Qversity which was accredited by the City university of New York titled Computer vision. l tried doing blogs but that failed to spark my passion but have some on Medium for those curious to read.

Contributions to the development community

I am a supporter of open-source and as such try to provide support on StackOverflow and contribute on GitHub on my repo as well as that for the Harare School of AI as well as some projects. l have a helper library for computer vision called eye-vision that l am in the process of making which has received some attention.

l have weakness for ice cream