Steve Pereira



Steve is obsessed with making tech human, using simple tools and techniques to make big changes.

For over 20 years he’s been empowering business with tech, and humanizing software. He advises some of Toronto’s top startup and enterprise teams to increase their performance, agility and delivered value.

Ever since he was an infant I’ve been taking things apart and reimagining how they fit together. He had the wonderful fortune of being a child of a technical manager and a teacher, in a family of 6 kids. He once moved into his closet for a week because it would keep his room clean and bed made without touching it. He’s become a bit more practical and less idealistic over the years, but no less obsessed with simplicity and optimization. He was always encouraged to be curious and resourceful and to speak up, experiment and think big - and that’s always how he’s lived and worked.

He loves to talk about:
- DevOps
- Digital/Cloud/Delivery Transformation
- Software Delivery/Value Stream Automation
- Technological Due Diligence
- Engineering Velocity and Scale
- Regulatory Compliance and Certification
- Technical and Strategic Partnerships
- Security/Privacy by Design
- Agile Infrastructure
- Cybernetics

He spends warm months in Toronto and cold months in Mexico and other sandal-friendly places. He’s currently providing remote coaching and tools to enterprise teams through

My Talks

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