Stefan Streichsbier

South East Asia


Stefan began his career in Security in 2003 and has since performed hard-core security testing across hundreds of corporate networks and business-critical applications. With the rise of Agile and DevOps Stefan has been focused on secure application development for web and mobile applications, using his skills as both a developer and security expert to champion continuous security in dev teams.

Stefan has done dozens of security workshops and security awareness trainings, and frequently speaks at public events and conferences. In order to grow the security and DevSecOps community in Asia, Stefan started the DevSecOps Singapore Meetup group and was one of the core organizers of DevOpsDays Singapore, DevOpsDays Jakarta, and DevSecCon Asia.

Most recently, Stefan co-founded A security platform that orchestrates security scanning tools, curates their output and makes actionable results available in pull requests.

Previous Talks/Events:

Besides conducting security workshops for over 1000 of people around the world (America, Europe, Asia), I’ve also spoken at dozens of events.




  • DevSecOps: Strengthening Quality with a Cybersecurity mindset (Singapore)
  • DevOps Indonesia - Securing A Great DX
  • DBS AppSecCon - Securing A Great DX
  • All Day DevOps - Securing A Great DX
  • DevSecOps Days Singapore 2018 – Securing a great Developer Experience
  • RSA Singapore 2017 - A tale of three horses
  • IPQC - Cyber Security Master Class - Automating Application Security to Meet the Demands of Agile and DevOps
  • Cyber Security Conference Singapore 2017 – Lightning Talk: Security at DevOps Speed
  • Null Singapore – AppSec in an Agile World
  • NUS Greyhats – Security Wednesday – AppSec in an Agile World
  • Agile Testing, Test Automation & BDD Singapore – Security in an Agile World
  • DevOpsDays Singapore 2016 – Ignite – AppSec at DevOps Speed
  • Agile Singapore conference 2016 – Security in an Agile World
  • DevSecOps Singapore – DevSecOps, the big picture
  • Null – Why Penetration Testing Sucks
  • Govware – Build a Fortress Against Data Breaches
  • American Embassy Inter-Chamber Security Awareness Campaign
  • Cyber Security Malaysia
  • TISA (Thailand Information Security Association) – Top 5 Web Application Security Myths

My Talks

DevSecOps - Securing a great DX

The Future of DevSecOps