Tamer El-Tonsy

United Kingdom


Tamer El-Tonsy is one of UK and Europe’s leading Oracle HCM consultants. He developed and designed his first enterprise level system at the age of 17, His background is in computer engineering and systems control then been selected as one of the top 50 university graduate talents for a post graduate scholarship to study information technology and modern management fully funded by the Cabinet of Egypt.

After implementing the first Oracle HCM in Egypt, and delivering major projects in the Middle East, Tamer moved to UK to join IBM then started freelancing since 2003. During these years Tamer delivered more than 64 projects of all sizes from few million employees to few hundreds, for all legislations, covering the full spectrum of Oracle HCM and played every role in consulting: business analysis, project and programme management, product management, security, quality and risk management, solution architecture, learning and adoption, and enterprise architecture.

Married with four children, in his downtime Tamer enjoys spending time with the family, theatre/acting, films, music, watching sumo, swimming, fishing, reading, playing chess and solving Sudoku.