Robert Kloosterhuis

The Hague Area, Netherlands


Robert Kloosterhuis has spent the last 8 years of his 19-year career in IT immersed in the VMware ecosystem. He enjoyed casting his net wide, and knows a little or a lot about far too many things. This gives him a natural interest in many different aspects of IT, a fact he uses to his advantage in helping people bridge gaps across different disciplines. Always interested in the ‘big picture’, he tries to bring context and clarity to hard IT concepts.

Robert has a background in systems administration, performance analysis and storage. At CAM IT , he is a Technical Expert and specializes in the VMware product portfolio with special focus on vSAN, NSX and the vRealize Suite of products. As part of the consultancy team at CAM, he supports and advises other teams such as Platform Consultants and Engineers in developing guidance and standards, coordination of activities and education and coaching of others regarding his specific areas of knowledge.

He participates in outreach activities to promote CAM and spread product knowledge in the #vCommunity by blogging (( , speaking publicly at events and helping organize the #vNSTechcon (