Node, Redis, and You!

By Thomas Hunter II

Elevator Pitch

Get an overview of the various data structures Redis has to offer, learn how it can be used to share data across multiple Node instances, and how to perform atomic operations using the MULTI and EVAL commands.


This talk will follow the evolution of a simple application, beginning with a naive approach of storing data in memory, an explanation of why this fails when using multiple processes (e.g. with Node cluster), and finally a revamped version storing state in Redis.

We’ll also look at performing atomic operations using both the simple MULTI/EXEC commands, and the more complex EVAL/EVALSHA commands.


Here’s the current version of my deck:

I’m a big fan of Redis and Node in general, and an active member of the Node community. I’ve given several Node related talks before.

Here’s a list of other talks I’ve given:

This talk is based on content from my book Advanced Microservices: