Tony Mamacos

South Africa


A lifelong hacker of all things, I cut my programming teeth on a Commodore 64, copying code out of a Mad magazine. As a developer, I love helping people automate the mundane things away and letting them focus on the interesting parts of their jobs. In the earliest days, I worked on VMS and Oracle writing C for a telco fraud monitoring system, ran an online computer store ( before it was cool ), worked in C# for finance and shipping, did a stint in BI and Data warehousing and then transitioning back into development with Java & Ruby with AWS. Most recently, I joined Tutuka where we write new code in Java and React as well as maintaining a legacy stack. As a hacker, I love hardware, data and BI, machine learning and AI. I dabble with the different aspects in my free time to gain a deeper understanding of the technology, until I can convince my employer to pay me to do it full time.