Automating code reviews using pronto

By Tony Vincent T.Y

Talk Abstract

pronto is a ruby gem that makes code reviews painless and easy. For a developer, pronto helps to fix any code style issues before pushing to the repo. For a reviewer, pronto gives a list of potential issues. pronto integrates effortlessly with github, bitbucket and Ci’s like ciecleci and codeship.

Talk Description

My organization demands code to be reviewed by at least one peer before merging and so does many others. I believe it’s a good practice but the drawback is that the time spent on these reviews is actually the dev time of my peer, and I don’t want to waste any. Pronto helped me minimize, or I should say get rid of the coding style issues completely, turned me to a better developer - Nobody wants to repeat the same mistake twice, It can be run against a set of recent commits, so you can focus on the most recent aggressions to code quality. Particularly useful to check pull requests’ health.

Pronto allowed our teams to do code reviews quickly but efficiently.