Rails on Kubernetes

By Tony Vincent T.Y

Talk Abstract

Imagine a rails app that is highly available, Autoscaling, load balanced & self-healing! That’s some of the perks of deploying your rails app on a Kubernetes cluster. Hop in for this talk if you want to learn about deployment, scaling, & management of containerized Ruby applications using Kubernetes

Talk Description

The aim of this talk is to discuss the building and deployment of Ruby apps on Kubernetes for High availability, load balancing, self-healing, and autoscaling. The talk focuses on

  • Kubernetes cluster overview
  • Packaging your rails app for Kubernetes
  • Allowing Kubernetes to do the heavy lifting
  • Database setup and dependency management
  • Deploying with zero downtime
  • How do containers talk to each other?
  • Scaling up and Autoscaling Rails application with Horizontal Pod Autoscaling
  • Fully utilizing the rich feature set of Kubernetes

And more


After dedicating some time for learning Kubernetes, I couldn’t wait to try it myself and I was overwhelmed by the simplicity and ease of deploying scalable apps using Kubernetes. I hope to share the awesomeness of Ruby apps on Kubernetes with my fellow developers and help to build some cool stuff