Mothering A Dev Team: How Wardley Maps Saved My Parenting and My Job

By Valarie Regas

Elevator Pitch

This Mom is no stranger to bringing lessons learned via parenting into the workplace, and vice versa. I’ll show you how to use Wardley Maps, and other planning strategies, to streamline your life, and your work projects, in new and exciting ways!


Proper execution of a project is always easier with proper planning beforehand. Wardley Mapping is one of the best tools in our arsenal for seeing the road ahead clearly, and getting to where we need to be. Having learned a lot about planning while being a stay-at-home parent, Valarie has a unique take on how to manage time and resources, and especially children… I mean, coworkers.

During this presentation we’ll cover the basics of Wardley Mapping, in the context of both an automation process, as well as a life project. Because the best tools are multitaskers, and should be able to be used for more than one purpose!


This talk will have slides at a minimum, but ideally would have a white board in the room so I can live demo the process of map creation. However, if a white board isn’t an option, I can still go through the process in my slides.

I bring a unique slant to my talks, in that I combine work examples, life examples, and humor to keep things interesting. I don’t want anyone in my audience to be bored, so I strive to crack just enough jokes while sharing substantial content designed to edify audience members.