Want to Start a Podcast? Don't Do This.

By Valarie Regas

Elevator Pitch

When my cohost and I started our technology podcast, we thought it would be simple. We talk, we record, we share. Done, right? NOPE.

Let me share the good, the bad, and the ugly of our experience so you can learn from our mistakes so you can start a technology podcast the right way, the first time.


The CodePrep Podcast came about as a way for two tech enthusiasts to share their journey, and hopefully help listeners, in 2018. When we first decided to tackle this project, we thought it would be as easy as recording conversations and sharing them. We were very, very wrong.

This session will take you through a step by step guide to the choices you’ll need to make, and the steps you’ll need to complete to have a branded, polished, automated process for getting your message out to the world.


This session requires only the ability to share slides.