Guerrilla Job Fair: Getting Hired in an Unfair World

By Valarie Regas

Elevator Pitch

Resumes are worthless. In today’s world, getting your dream job requires thinking outside of the box, taking risks, and disrupting the status quo. This talk helps people identify their true strengths in the marketplace, and learn to leverage them to land a great role.


While job hunting, I realized that my resume was completely worthless. It became glaringly apparent that no one was ever going to hire me based on sending a resume online. Being a naturally creative, outside-of-the-box thinker, I chose to set aside the status quo job hunting techniques, and get risky.

This talk breaks down the steps each person can take to get closer to their dream role. At a high level, these steps involve: * Identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses, as seen through the eyes of a potential employer * Turning a long-term dream into an actual plan, with actionable steps * Ways to get out from behind a computer, and get in front of those you want to hire you * Ways to take chances, be seen, and stand out from your peers

I’ve been able to help those close to me; now I want to help you! Let me share some concrete ideas and techniques to assist you in moving onward and upward in your career.


This talk requires no extraordinary technology; a basic slideshow is sufficient.

I feel incredibly confident in my ability as a speaker to engage an audience, and convey material in a fun yet impactful manner. This particular subject matter is near to my heart, as I have experienced first-hand the sting of repeat rejection emails in a day, and remember the feeling of hopelessness that can arise while job hunting. This talk is not just helpful to unemployed developers; it also focuses on ways to move up, or onto other companies in a better role, for those who are already employed.

I secured my dream role by taking chances others might not to have considered, and take great joy in sharing what I have learned with those I know who are still seeking employment.