GraphQL Cache? How about Database?

By Wojciech Trocki

Elevator Pitch

Can we configure client app cache to use featured database that can be queried both using GraphQL and regular queries? This talk is going to cover how to configure GraphQL cache layer to interact with client side databases like SQLite and how it can benefit developers.


GraphQL is perfect solution for applications that depend on data that is constantly fetched from server. In some cases developers may need to build an application that already have large amount of data or access local database. What is the best way to do that using GraphQL clients?

In this talk we going to cover options for transforming GraphQL cache into fully usable database that can be shipped along with the application.

Author is going to talk about corporate use cases for caching GraphQL requests. In talk we going to cover the cases from the existing GraphQL implementations that required more robust and battle proven cache layer with flexible way to seed initial data inside apps.

Moving from single key storage to database can provide number of benefits: - Ability to work with cache that spans out to many megabytes of data - Increased performance for the caching and ability to provide more flexible storage policies - Seeding applications with initial data (with option that offered automatic projections from server) - Ability to regularly update and sync database entries without user queries - Advanced encryption and security for the database


In talk I’m going to cover technical aspects of cache mechanism based on open source library that will provide this functionality out of the box.