Yannick Hirt



I am an IT consultant specialized in IT security and Sustainable IT. I work together with companies to work out strategies and concepts to approach different topics such as the security posture of an organization or how to tackle the emissions coming from the IT organisation of a company. This projects can have different outlines where in one we go through a transformation to reach the defined target or in an other we implement a concept from the ideation phase until the actual implementation. At Rewion we see ourself as Trusted Advisor for our client and partners. We support them on their journey from the beginning until the end towards their goals.

I love to change and transform things. This is evident in my daily life, where I love to have new experiences by changing habits, to see different perspectives by encountering the unknown, and to consolidate this to move me forward in life. And this is exactly what I want to do in my work.

My goal is to create enthusiasm through solution-oriented and customer-focused action. With an holistic and comprehensive approach, I want to think outside the box with our clients and enable new perspectives on a challenge or a problem.