Yun Zhi Lin



Yun aka “Mr Serverless” is a blended technology executive for disruptive organisation look to deliver rapid business value. Over the last 17 years, he has worked across the entire spectrum of architecture evolution: from mainframes to ESB, Container Microservices and Serverless Functions. Whilst successfully transforming and launching new lines of business for some of the largest companies global and local, across both enterprise and startups.

Yun has a reputation as an inspiring and strategic leader, who brings startup-like agility and modern approaches into complex enterprise environments to deliver $mm projects faster, more reliable and secure. Yun fills in the void between board vision and technology execution by setting up the appropriate operating models to empower business and IT to innovate and collaborate on the same journey.

As a hands-on technologist and evangelist, Yun actively participates within the serverless community to share his knowledge and experience. He has: - shared his vision on People Transformation and AI Strategy at Sydney AWS Summit 2018 and 2019 respectively - presented on the topic of Serverless AI at both Melbourne and Sydney Data Showdowns, and won the Sydney event. - spoken at ServerlessConf NYC 2017 as well as winning the Serverless IoT Hackathon at the same conference - created the original serverless-golang library prior to official AWS Lambda Go support - authored the widely circulated Cloud Guru AWS Lambdas Benchmarks.

My Talks

The Art of Serverless Business Value - Let's get strategic, walk through authentic Australian war stories and rediscover our “Serverless Why”