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US August 27, 2021, September 24, 2021, October 29, 2021, November 26, 2021, December 31, 2021


Accepting Submissions

Spinnaker SouthBay Meetup is a platform for the best minds in DevOps and CI/CD to congregate. This event is an initiative to disseminate the latest and greatest information and practices around Spinnaker- the open-source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform and CI/CD. Spinnaker is rapidly taking off as the de-facto open source continuous delivery platform. Software delivery teams around the world are using Spinnaker to achieve their CI/CD goals. The Spinnaker Online Meetup is an active group interested in learning new techniques, technologies, approaches, and best practices around Spinnaker,CI/CD in general, DevOps, DevsecOps etc.

CFP Description

This event is open for anyone willing to add and contribute to the thought leadership, general best practices, and ideas around Spinnaker as the continuous delivery tool preferably or else DevOps & CI/CD in general. Please send us your ideas for presentations on the following: - Case studies and war stories from Spinnaker/ CI/CD/ DevOps used cases - Simplifying operations and processes - Technology tips for continuous delivery - New trends in DevOps - How to leverage advanced DevOps tools and patterns - The “human side” - how to thrive in a DevOps job - and anything else that you’d like to discuss with the fastest-growing group of DevOps professionals.

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