SRE from Anywhere

Virtual June 10, 2021

CFP closed at  April 12, 2021 03:59 UTC

SRE from Anywhere is an annual Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) community event focusing on all things related to being an SRE. From the implementation of a new approach to service management to the adoption of a new toolset or discussing your well-being during unprecedented times, this event is about building our community and networking with peers.

Let’s face it, observability is gaining momentum - not just as a practice, but also as a strategy from the boardroom. More than ever, having a community to share thoughts, bounce ideas off each other, and learn from other experts is needed. SRE from Anywhere is designed to create a forum where like-minded folks can discuss topics that are relevant and purposeful in the day and life of site reliability engineering. Through panel discussions, practitioner sessions, lightning talks, online chatting, and polls, SRE from Anywhere will explore how we are evolving as a business function, and what we can learn from each other.

CFP Description

Do you have a cool idea, a set of tips, or an interpretive dance that shows how you and your team have mastered SRE…pitch it! Take the mic at this year’s SRE from Anywhere! There are multiple engagement formats to choose from. So, if you want to participate in this event to share your ideas or educate your peers on lessons learned, we want to hear from you!

There are a few types of sessions in this event:

Practitioner Sessions: This session is to be technical. Whether walking through use cases and sharing new approaches around observability, the practitioner session is all about stimulating the right side of the brain. Think of it as a session worthy of continuous education credit. Want to share a new testing methodology? Feel like diving into anonymized data to share insights with the community? Excited to walk through a data transformation project that changes your world? Tell us about it in the practitioner session. And don’t worry - these sessions, 25 minutes in length, will be pre-recorded. So if you have a fear of presenting, remember…you are only presenting to yourself and a camera. We’ll take care of the rest.

Lightning Talks: If you have something important or insightful to share but your idea is a little shorter, a lightning talk is for you! Lightning talks are designed for that single idea, recommendation, tip-of-the day, or lesson learned. Lightning talks are 5-minutes in length, and there is no limitation on the topic. We just ask that the submission is topical to the event and audience. Like the practitioner sessions, lightning talks are pre-recorded. If you performing a song, sharing a personal story, or doing a dance, you do not have to worry about a live disruption or a wardrobe malfunction.

Panel Discussion: Panel discussions are live sessions moderated by someone from the Catchpoint team. These sessions are open to multiple participants. Remember this event is all about the SRE and SRE functions within your organization. If you are interested in participating in a panel session, we want to know what you want to speak about. What types of questions do you think are relevant for these discussions? What lessons learned can you share with the live audience? While some questions will be designed prior to the event, we will also be taking questions from the live audience, so you will need to be quick to your feet to participate in these discussions. Panel discussions will run approximately 60-minutes and will require one or two rehearsal sessions with the other panelists prior to the event.