DevOps & Agile Summer Retreat

Latvia, Riga August 22, 2024

CFP closes at  June 16, 2024 08:00 UTC

The “DevOps & Agile Summer Retreat” will connect more than a hundred talents who care about DevOps and Agile to experience an evening full of technical and non-technical mini-workshops, including a special feature to learn more about your company. This is a free event for the participants, however, tasteful snacks and a welcome drink for every participant will be provided by the restaurant “Visdari”. This is a family event, so for the little ones we have arranged a professional animator and children’s activities. For people who need to take a little break, there will be a dedicated area to regenerate at any time. On the other hand for came-to-network people, there will be a dedicated networking area where “nothing happens”.

The event is planned for the 22nd of August, 2024 to start at 19:00 and finish around 22:00. Since most of the activities are planned outdoors, in the case of bad weather we may decide to postpone the event.

Such global brands as SEB GS, Evolution, ATEA and Arvato have already expressed interest in joining the event as Sponsor.

CFP Description

We expect 100-150 attendees and an unseen experience!

There will be 7 tracks in parallel. The sessions will be short - 20 min + 5min for questions. Then a 5min break in between sessions.

We’re generally looking for speakers who are happy to cover their costs and enjoy an opportunity to participate in our event. We’re looking for technical coaches, agile group facilitators, DevOps professionals, storytellers with f***-up stories etc.

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