Swiftable 2023

Buenos Aires November 30, 2023, December 01, 2023


CFP closed at  September 16, 2023 15:29 UTC

We’re extremely happy to announce that the call for papers for Swiftable 20233 is now open. We encourage people of all ages, races, genders, and religions to submit proposals.

Our goal with this document is to ensure everyone that our process of selecting the talks is as transparent as possible.


  • The conference will be held in Buenos Aires.
  • There will be only one track.
  • Talks will be in English.
  • There are around ten slots to apply for.

CFP Description

We’re seeking individuals with unique experiences and perspectives to share on stage, particularly those who have navigated challenging terrains within the iOS development landscape over the past two years. This conference is an opportunity to discuss not only the hard skills that have driven your technological innovations but also the soft skills that have shaped your approach to problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership within your teams.

While we appreciate the value of marketing and recruitment, we want to ensure the primary focus of our conference remains on the enrichment of our developer community. Therefore, presentations that veer more toward marketing or recruitment will not be considered.

Remember, the value in sharing isn’t just in the glory of overcoming a challenge, but also in the potential for your story to enlighten, inspire, and guide others facing similar circumstances. So we encourage you to draw on your experiences, the lessons learned, and the strategies you’ve employed. By doing so, we can foster an environment that supports continued learning, collaboration, and development within the iOS community.

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