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London, UK
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CFP closed at  May 31, 2017 22:59 UTC

Twilio’s putting on SIGNAL London – our annual developer conference – on September 19th in London. We’re running a CFP and would love for you to submit a talk.

We’ve extended the CFP deadline to May 31 to give folks who got tripped up by the multiple bank holidays some extra time to submit

CFP Description

SIGNAL London features two kinds of talks:

  1. Technical Stories
  2. Business and Use-Case Talks

Technical Stories

We’re looking for speakers who can inspire and equip developers by telling stories with code.

We say “stories” because the human brain thinks in and remembers stories. Stories have a beginning, middle, and end. They have emotion and humour, conflict and resolution. And the stories that resonate most with developers are stories told with code. Code on slides is fine. Demos and live coding are much, much better.

There are, of course, some great technical talks that don’t show code. For instance, last year Ayuna Vogel spoke on Technical Blogging to Build your Online Presence and her talk was incredibly well received. But the majority of technical talks that we accept will be code-forward.


Twilio is a cloud-communications company, so some of the topics we’ll cover at SIGNAL London include:

  • SMS, SIP, Voice, and Video
  • Messaging
  • Bots and Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • APIs and Composability
  • Stackless infrastructure
  • Mobile development
  • Twilio HOWTOs

But please don’t let that list constrain you. Ultimately, we want SIGNAL London to be a showcase for the industry’s best technical stories, and some of the best talks at previous SIGNALs had nothing to do with Twilio or communications. If you’ve got a story that can inspire and equip a room full of developers, we want to hear about it. Though please, no vendor pitches (i.e., “How to Use Product X”).

Skill Level

The developers who attend SIGNAL London run the gamut from recent boot-camp graduates to hardened industry veterans. When writing your proposal, you should tailor it to a specific audience:

  • Beginners - The folks in this audience are competent developers, but they’ve never used this technology before. You’ll want to introduce key concepts, help them get started, and show them how to continue their learning journey.

  • Intermediate - These developers have already built and shipped an MVP that uses this technology. They’re ready to learn about the edge cases and the gotchas that happen at scale.

  • Advanced - These developers have built and maintain an app at scale that uses this technology. They spend most of their week thinking about this stuff, and yet, you’re going to teach them something new.

Business and Use-Case Stories

Though SIGNAL London is first and foremost a developer conference, many of our attendees don’t write code on a daily basis part of their job. These are CEOs, founders, product managers, solution architects, and folks working at not-for-profits. They’re coming to SIGNAL London to hear your stories about how software-based communications can have a transformative impact on their organisation.

Some of the highest rated business and use-case talks from SIGNAL London 2016 include:

Finer Details

Sessions Format

All breakout sessions are 30 minutes long. We’ll ask that you refrain from taking questions from the stage, but rather chat with folks in the hallway after your talk.

Perks of Speaking

All speakers get a full-access ticket to SIGNAL London, along with an additional complimentary ticket for your guest.

The Selection Process

The CFP closes on May 1st at 00:00am GMT. You can submit as many proposals as you’d like. You can even revise them right up until the deadline. That said, we’ll accept talks on a rolling basis, so you may not want to wait until the last minute.

The first round of the selection process will be a blind review by a panel of Twilio employees from a range of departments and backgrounds. We’ll respond to everyone who submits a proposal, regardless of if your talk is accepted, by July 1st.

Speaker Release Form

If your proposal is accepted, you’ll need to sign a standard speaker release to give Twilio permission to record your talk and to use your name and likeness for SIGNAL London promotion.

We’re here to help

Some of the highest rated talks at SIGNAL London were given by folks who had never spoken at a conference before. If there’s a topic that you’re passionate about, we would love to hear about. We’re happy to help you refine your proposal and, if your talk is accepted, write and rehearse your presentation.

Drop us a line at if you’d like to chat.

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