Typelevel Summit NYC 2020

New York, NY March 12, 2020

CFP closed at  February 04, 2020 07:59 UTC

We’re the Typelevel family of projects, and in 2020 we’re going to organize a new Summit. This is the call for speakers. If you have any questions at all, please contact info@typelevel.org. This form is administrated by Luka Jacobowitz (luka.jacobowitz@gmail.com) and the data you entered will be shared with the programme committee. We won’t publish any of information you’ve entered here without your consent first.

What is Typelevel anyway? It is a community of projects and individuals organized around:

  • Pure, typeful, functional programming in Scala
  • Independent free and open source software
  • A desire to share ideas and code
  • Accessible and idiomatic learning resources
  • An inclusive, welcoming and safe environment

The Summits are open to all, not just current contributors to and users of the Typelevel projects, and we are especially keen to encourage participation from people who are new to them. Whilst many of the Typelevel projects use somewhat “advanced” Scala, they are a lot more approachable than many people think, and a major part of Typelevel’s mission is to make the ideas they embody much more widely accessible. If you’re interested in types and pure functional programming we’d love to see you here!

We offer travel assistance. Please check the description in the submission form for more details.

CFP Description

We are looking for a variety of things! Possible topic ranges include, but are not limited to:

  • Experience reports: “How we migrated our code base to shapeless”
  • Typelevel project updates: “What’s new in Typelevel project X”
  • Your project updates: “What’s new in X”, where X uses Typelevel heavily
  • Big picture: “Where is Scala headed for typed FP?”
  • Non-code issues: “Diversity in the Scala community”, “Governance in Typelevel”
  • Tutorial-style: “Error-handling with cats”, “Idiomatic ScalaCheck”
  • Tooling: “We can now use Metals with Notepad”
  • Related work: “How language X does typed FP and what we could learn”
  • Proposals should be related to the Typelevel family in some way or follow the Typelevel spirit.

We welcome all sorts of talks! You don’t have to write down a perfect abstract here. Submissions by first-time speakers are especially welcome!