CFP closed at  March 26, 2018 00:00 UTC

We are proud to introduce you the very first Devoxx event in the CIS region – Voxxed Days Minsk – a hot combination of Java rock stars and jaw-dropping content for those truly inspired by the technology. Voxxed Days Minsk will be held in Mariott Hotel.

The conference retains a unique regional flavour while being part of the overall Voxxed movement. Top speakers, both international and local, converge at a wide range of locations around the world to share their knowledge and experience. The event is meant to grow the local community.

CFP Description

Voxxed Days Minsk 2018 is expecting around 700 developers from Belarus and abroad.

We are interested, but not limited in the following topics:

  • Software Craftsmanship / Methodologies (Software development methodologies , best practices and related subjects)
  • Software Development on Java Virtual Machine (anything running on the JVM, languages, tools, libraries and best practices)
  • Cloud, NoSQL and Big Data (cloud computing, Platforms as a Service, Big Data and NoSQL)
  • Usage of Spring Framework and Spring Products
  • Kotlin language and development practices

Following information might help us to process your request faster:

  • link to a video of a previous speaking engagement
  • published slide deck with your presentations
  • source code repository of your presentations

If you have any questions reach us at