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SFbayarea June 23, 2021

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The themes of this workshop are “Application Programming Interface,” “Entrepreneurship,” and “Introduction to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for Medical Care Entrepreneurs”. Coordination between students/attendees and speakers/mentors/group hosts/group moderators will be provided at all times at the event. Speakers/Mentors with adequate knowledge of any application programming interface, medical care, or entrepreneurship can speak/mentor about any of them. Speakers/Mentors who can combine two or all three of these topics into their speaking/mentoring are preferred.

Students, in groups of 12 or less, along with 1-3 person(s) functioning as mentor/speaker/host/moderator will walk from in front of Impact Hub Oakland, 2323 Broadway between 23rd and 24th Streets, Oakland, down Broadway to 4th Street and Broadway, and back. This is the time that the speakers/mentors will be teaching the students, and the hosts/moderators will be supervising the group. Each group will take a break in front of the Oakland Public Library while heading to 4th Street, as well as on its return trip. Each group will also have a break after reaching 4th street.

When each group is finish they will choose where to go to socialize. Each group can choose only one other group to socialize with, if the other group agree to it.


a. Be a student and recruit others to be students, no knowledge of application programming interfaces, medical care, or entrepreneurship is required.

b. Be a mentor/speaker, and help recruit others to be mentors/speakers as needed. Your responsibility will be to host/mentor/speak/moderate one or more groups. We plan to have groups composed of a maximum of 12 students each. Each group will take the same route at different time intervals. Some knowledge of application programming interface, medical care, or entrepreneurship is preferred. Those without any such knowledge will function as hosts/moderators only.

c. Supply microphones that the students can use.

d. Advise as to if a liability waiver is recommended for the students and hosts/mentors/speakers/moderators to sign. And if so, provide a template or blank copy of one that can be used. I prefer the shortest possible waiver with the fewest legalese.

Sincerely, Robert Evans founder and ceo Robert Evans Enterprises

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