WWCode NYC Online Events 2020

Remote November 22, 2020, April 22, 2020


Accepting Submissions

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, WWCode NYC will be hosting all events online until it is safe to move to in-person meetups again. We are currently looking for speakers and workshop leaders for online events in 2020 that will help our mission of helping women advance in their tech careers.

Women Who Code NYC is the local chapter of Women Who Code (https://www.womenwhocode.com/), a non-profit dedicated to helping women enter and excel in tech careers. We host numerous events each year, focusing on a wide range of technical and leadership topics for women, non-binary individuals, and other supporters of women in tech. We have 12,000+ members and are excited to bring new speakers to our group in the coming year!

For a sampling of past events, feel free check out our meetup page. Some recent events that we are proud of include monthly Algorithm practice nights, React and Redux workshops, a Python Pandas workshop, a Tech Manager Panel, talks on React Performance, Intro to HTML, CSS and Python workshops, and the list goes on! With our move to online-only events, we’re very open to alternative event types and formats so please do not feel limited to the examples above.

The aim of bringing speakers to our events is both to bring new knowledge to our members as well as to give women the chance to practice their public speaking and teaching skills, so we encourage beginners to reach out to us if they need help with their proposals. You can reach us at nyc@womenwhocode.com.

CFP Description

For 2020 online events, we are looking for speakers across a variety of categories:

Lightning talks: 5-15 minute-long talk on a specific topic of your choice. Ideal for those who want to try their hand at public speaking!

Tech talks: 20-45 minute talk that is more detailed than a lightning talk on a technical topic. Great for those looking to practice a conference submission!

Workshops: 60 minute to 3 hour workshops on a language or technology. If you’d like a longer workshop we can break it up into several days. We can assist with finding TAs/technical help and possible curriculum development.

Panels: Interested in leading or getting together a group for an online panel? Let us know - we’re happy to try to help find panelists and nail down a topic.

If you have something outside of these formats, we’ll be happy to consider those as well.

Dates are flexible, although if you have a preferred date range please let us know in your submission. Once you are selected to talk at an upcoming meetup, we will find a host for the event and make sure that we find a date that works for everyone involved in the event. We are tech-agnostic, so as long as we feel that the topic will be of interest to enough of our members, we will gladly accommodate whatever it is that you wish to speak about. Preference will be given to more technical talks over leadership/soft skill ones, but if you have something unique to say feel free to submit it anyway.

Women Who Code events are open to all women, non-binary individuals, and supporters of women in tech.

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