CFP closes at  August 22, 2022 21:55 UTC

PMI Barcelona Chapter is celebrating its XIX Annual Event with the topic Believe. 

After two years of virtual events, this year we are preparing a two-day event mixing virtual and presential sessions, November 23th24th, 2022.


#1 Believe in yourself: Believe in yourself and your highest potential as a project manager!

#2 Believe in your team: Believe in your team and how to get the best out of it! 

#3 Believe we make a difference: Believe project management as a change driver!

#4 Believe it's possible: Believe impossible projects are possible! 

The event is meant for any audience willing to hear and learn about project management, with a special focus on our chapter members.

The PaperCall will open June 29th and finish August 22th. The Chairmen will be delivering their answers on August 22th.

The PaperCall is open to anybody willing to share project management best practices. No previous presentation experience is required or either PMI membership. It’s a mix event, so don’t hesitate to present if you are not able to come to Barcelona. 

Available languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.

The event includes travel assistance.

CFP Description

TRACK #1 Believe in yourself: believe in yourself and your highest potential as a project manager! How to guide your professional career as a project manager, how to launch it and keep developing it over the years? How to answer the question with a transversal point of view including the three vertices of the PMI talent triangle: ways of working, power skills & business acumen?

Chairmans: Elisabet Duocastella - Emma Terricabras

TRACK #2 Believe in your team: believe in your team and how to get the best out of it! How to create an adequate environment to achieve high-performance teams, considering challenges such as diversity, geographic mobility, inclusion, uncertainty, change and new organizational formats (sociocracy, DAO, etc.)? How to guarantee a safe environment and a motivated team to build successful projects? Which is the role of the Project Manager to face these new challenges?

Chairmans: Sandra Armendariz - Joaquim Muñoz

TRACK #3 Believe we make a difference: believe project management as a change driver! Projects are not only meant to be efficient and effective, but also to contribute to a sustainable progress of our environment. How does project management change this environment from a perspective of environmental, social and solidarity sustainability impact? How does project management contribute to improve it?

Chairmans: Montse PequeraIván G. Séligmann

TRACK #4 Believe it's possible: believe impossible projects are possible! We often face challenging projects due to their size, technical complexity, changing environment, stakeholders with a high level of power, non-project-oriented organizational structures or any other, that can be a source of inspiration for others. How to transform a challenging project into an inspiring one? 

Chairmans: Ángel Águeda  -  Duarte De Oliveira

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