2023 PMI-BCN ANNUAL EVENT – After all, we are still here...

Barcelona November 21, 2023, November 22, 2023, November 23, 2023

Tags: Human projects, Resilience, Stackeholders

CFP closed at  October 01, 2023 21:55 UTC

PMI Barcelona Chapter is celebrating its XX Annual Event with the topic “After all, we are still here…”. After the success of the las year event, this year we are preparing a three-day event mixing virtual and presential sessions, November 21 -22 and 23rd The event is meant for any audience willing to hear and learn about project management, with a special focus on our chapter members. The PaperCall is open to anybody willing to share project management best practices. No previous presentation experience is required or either PMI membership. Do not hesitate to present if you are not able to come to Barcelona. Available languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.

CFP Description

After all, we are still here… Resilience, human behavior, human projects. How to deal with special situations when the project seems to fail. How to react and work together with stakeholders… Difficult situations that where turn over and became a big learning for the PM.