Adoptium Summit

Virtual Event September 10, 2024
Tags: Secure-dev, User-stories, Migration

CFP closed at  May 30, 2024 23:30 UTC

Adoptium Summit is a premier virtual conference dedicated to exploring the breadth and depth of Adoptium technologies. This half-day event provides a vibrant platform for the Java Community members, including developers and architects, to delve into the technical advantages of Adoptium, share best practices, and present insightful technical talks.

At the heart of the summit, participants will:

  • Discover a range of compelling use cases that illustrate the versatility and power of Adoptium technologies.
  • Engage in discussions about the latest user experiences, pioneering innovations, and the future trajectory of Adoptium in the Java ecosystem.
  • Connect with peers to exchange knowledge on enhancing development practices, optimising architecture, and driving technology forward.

Join us for an inspiring day of learning and collaboration as we uncover new possibilities with Adoptium and shape the future of Java development together.

CFP Description

Join us at the Adoptium Summit and seize the unique opportunity to showcase your innovative work with Adoptium technologies to your industry peers! This is your chance to demonstrate how you or your organisation leverages the high-quality runtime provided by Adoptium across the Java ecosystem.

We’re looking for compelling presentations on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Secure Development Practices within the Adoptium ecosystem. [secure-dev]
  • Practical applications of Eclipse Temurin in your projects. [user-stories]
  • Success stories and insights from migrating to Eclipse Temurin or utilising the Migration Toolkit. [migration]
  • Engaging experiences with AQAvit, Mission Control, and other Adoptium-related projects. [user-stories]

The Adoptium Summit aims to highlight the versatility and impact of OpenJDK distribution and its associated projects through the lens of Adoptium technologies. Given that this is a half-day online event, we will be selecting a limited number of sessions from the call for proposals (CFP).

We accept two types of talks:

  • Talks sessions will be 30-40 minutes long (included Q&A time)
  • Lighting talks will be ~5-10 minutes long (included Q&A time)

Don’t miss this chance to share your experiences, challenges, and successes with a global audience. Submit your talk today and help shape the future of the Java ecosystem with us!

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