Africa's Talking Summit 2023

Nairobi October 26, 2023, October 28, 2023
Tags: Cloud, Open source, Devops, Developer communities, Ml and ai

CFP closed at  September 07, 2023 18:00 UTC

Africa’s Talking summit is the ultimate gathering place and flagship event for Africa’s Talking developers, customers and partners. It is the developer centric, with the vision to establish Africa’s Talking as the #1 developer communication and innovation API in Africa. Africa’s Talking enables us to amplify our developer vision by infusing technology leadership and industry insights into product specific innovation. This will result in more developer engagement and an optimized experience for our continent champions to engage with all our products and brand combined at one event.

Africa’s Talking summit will have over 30 talks, sessions and 4 keynote speakers across 6 tracks from leading figures in the Africa’s Talking community.

We are targeting over 1000 attendees across Africa Developer Ecosystem. You will have a chance to network over drinks and great music in the evening.

Theme: Developers Impact: Cloud, Open Source, DevOps, Developer Communities, ML and AI


  • Building Scalable solutions
  • Public Vs Private Cloud
  • Migrations
  • Data Privacy: GDPR Effect, HIPAA
  • Cloud and Communication tools

Open Source:

  • Open source maintenance
  • Open source contribution
  • Open source innovation
  • Open Source and Communication tools

Developer Communities:

  • Language specific
  • Product Specific

Topic ML

  • ChatGPT and Coding
  • Co-pilot effects
  • The future of ML
  • Machine Learning in communication tools


  • Artificial Intelligence and Humans
  • AI Intelligence in communication tools
  • The future of AI
  • AI and communication tools

CFP Description

We are interested in talks from all members of the Africa’s Talking community - whether you’re a seasoned pro at presenting or it’ll be your first time out we’d love you to submit a talk. As long as your talk is based on this


it’ll get properly considered: - you choose the length (e.g. a 15 minute lightning talk, or a 45 min presentation, or a 2 hour workshop) - you choose the topic and technical depth.