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The Agile Africa Conference is in its 6th year and has become one of the most important annual gatherings for the Agile community in Johannesburg and beyond.

The 2018 conference will feature exciting local and international keynote speakers, innovative Agile related tracks, workshops, breakout sessions and lightning talks focusing on multiple aspects including:

  • Collaborative problem solving

  • Creating learning organisations

  • Experiences and lessons learnt in your journey to agility

  • The state of agile and the future - revolutionary or evolutionary?

  • Agile entrepreneurship

  • Emerging technical practices, tools and technology.

CFP Description

We are open to hearing your weird and wonderful stories, if it involves learning and agility in the business context.

We value new over old material.

Some Ideas for Topics:

  • What does agile mean to you personally and within your business context?

  • How has agile values, principles and practices shaped your journeys?

  • What problems have been solved by being agile?

  • Have you solved problems; or failed and learnt in your path to agility?

  • Are you involved in mapping and delivery of business value in an agile context?

  • Have you embraced agility in small enterprises or large corporates?

  • Adaptation of leadership and management in agile environments.

  • Do you have stories and experiences with agility in other business contexts that are outside technology?

  • Where do you see the future of agile?

  • How can we apply agile values to build better performing organisations and businesses?

  • People interactions, culture and learning.

  • Emerging technical practices, tools and technology.

What can help your proposal to be selected?

  • Provide a clear, well detailed abstract.

  • State clearly the key learnings that the attendees will take away.

  • If you have never spoken before, do not be intimidated, we can help you tell your story.

  • If you have spoken before, please include links of previous events and videos where they are available.

  • We would love to give opportunities to under represented speakers with unique experiences and lessons to share.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

The Agile Africa 2018 Committee

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