Amsterdam Kubernetes/Cloud Native Meetup

Amsterdam, The Netherlands March 27, 2019, April 24, 2019, May 29, 2019, June 26, 2019
Tags: Kubernetes, Cloudnative

CFP closed at  January 28, 2021 00:01 UTC

This is a standing invite to submit talks to the Amsterdam Kubernetes/Cloud Native meetup (a CNCF-sponsored community). We meet regularly in and around Amsterdam to host talks around Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies; we are a fair and open community that strives for diversity and inclusion. Feel free to use this CFP to submit an idea for a talk (usually 30-45 minutes long, but feel free to submit lighting talks or entire workshops; please also abstain from patently obvious sales pitches); please also indicate your availability, we tend to meet Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays. Also, if you’re willing to sponsor and/or have a nice place that can host 70-100 people, feel free to contact us!

Pieter, Alessandro, Mirabella, Sebastiaan

P.S. Dates are indicative but we strive to keep a monthly schedule

CFP Description

All cloud native technologies (as described on are welcome.

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