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API City Conference is a non-profit organization that began as an API meetup in Seattle. It quickly took off which brought many developers and companies interested in wanting this community to be a conference. This will be an event you can’t miss.

With a focus on diversity, our conference creates an open event where everyone is welcome. We also keep in mind the importance of accessibility at the venue.

Our mission is to gather application developers and all varieties of developers together to network and learn about APIs and the business value it can bring to you and your company.

Our event will be hosted at the Kitsap Conference Center located on the water. Most session rooms will have a view of the ocean!

Be aware of the drive from Bremerton to Seattle is about 90 minutes. The express ferry would only take 30 minutes, and the regular ferry would take 60 minutes. It’s a very relaxing trip!

The ferry terminal in Seattle is right in downtown Seattle and the Kitsap Conference Center is within 1 block after you land from ONE stop! It’s very easy to navigate to.

Speaker Reimbursement

Flight and travel costs will be covered on request.

CFP Description

We are looking for API related sessions about:

  • DevOps
  • Microservices
  • Smart Cities
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AR/VR
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning
  • API Best Practices
  • API Security
  • API Design
  • Leadership / Management
  • API Documentation
  • High Technical Content
  • APIs and SDKs
  • REST
  • Use Cases (Here’s what we failed on, and here is how we fixed it) or (Here is the problem and here is the solution we created)

Even if your session doesn’t fit any of these, please don’t be hesitant to submit. Use the tags to best describe your talk.


You are welcome to submit as many sessions as you’d like!

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