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Traditional industries are starting to catch up with digital transformation, partly because of the Finnish and EU -level legal requirements for industries to open APIs, even for their competitors and disruptors. The most established companies and organizations are getting on board. If your digital customer experience isn’t cutting it, competition is imminent. The change is not easy in any industry, but it’s even harder in regulated industries.

Banks and FinTech are already experiencing a forced change, but construction, energy, traffic, and healthcare are needing to catch up fast. This change has been speeding up during the last 1-2 years and now it’s time to present some of the cases. This event is not only for those already in the API and platform game or being challenged by recent legal requirements. This event is for sharing information getting inspiration from customers, competitors and across industries, as well as experts.

CFP Description

Key questions our speakers or unconference section will present answers are:

What can you do with APIs to change customer experience and be faster and more resilient with development? How can you use APIs to fast-track your business model and digital transformation? What to do when your development is controlled by regulation, possibly disturbing your business model? What does it look like at the business level and how do you do it from a technical perspective? We’ll here enterprise cases, startups (working with enterprises) as well as companies disrupting the industry and building platforms.

We’ll divide the talks to more business or industry-specific and technical. The audience is made up of business people (managers, sales, marketing, legal, enterprise architects, designers) and technical (architects, lead developers, senior developers) plus teachers, researchers and students.

Day 1:

  • API Economy, Platform Economy and Ecosystem business models, impact on customer experience and partnerships. B2D marketing and developer experience.
  • The New API Design, Management, and Architecture Stack: API guidelines, REST, GraphQL, gRPC, OpenAPI Spec/Swagger
  • Related technologies and mechanisms thriving on APIs: Blockchain, distributed systems, and distributed trust. IoT, AI & Machine learning, privacy solutions.

Day 2 combines business and tech with industry perspective:

  • The New Public sector & MedTech Stack
  • The New FinTech & MaaS Stack
  • The New Building, Construction & Energy Stack

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