API The Docs 2017 - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, NL December 04, 2017


CFP closed at  November 02, 2017 09:11 UTC

API The Docs – All aspects of API documentation

How do you build a good developer portal? What technologies do you use? What types of information does it need?

In the Write the Docs community, we’ve noticed a lot of people got interested in API documentation and developer portals. That is why we decided to organize a series of conferences about best practices, new trends, and strategies relevant to API documentation.

The next event takes place in Amsterdam, on December 4, 2017. Proposals can be submitted until 2 November.

We are super excited about the program that is shaping up for API the Docs in Amsterdam. We are still waiting for proposals from a few people that promised to submit a session. Last days of October we’ll announce speakers.

Signups are going fast, so far 47 people signed up between the two meetups groups, we have 130 places in total, so don’t miss out!

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After the event, we will share recordings and summaries of the presentations that were held. The Amsterdam conference will follow the format of the API The Docs London event (June 20, 2017).

More information on event website.

CFP Description

API The Docs Amsterdam 2017 - Planned topics

  • Editorial workflows & writing formats and how they can be used in API teams (Git based workflows, documentation formats like DITA, Markdown, ReStructuredText, Docbook, etc.)
  • Portal technologies (Static HTML pages vs CMSs, different solutions)
  • API portal strategy & tactics (positioning, viral loops, personas, evangelism)
  • Top portal showcases
  • Developer portal features, components, and products (SDKs, development sandboxes, API quality signals, etc.)
  • API Specification languages (Swagger, RAML, Blueprint, etc.)

Want to share your knowledge or have an interesting story about the topics above?

Submit your proposal for the conference in Amsterdam!

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