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Agile Turkey is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2008 with the purpose of increasing the adoption of Agile approaches that have been proven effective around the world in Turkey. Since then, it’s been gaining attraction by organizing free public events and widely-accepted seminars, meet-ups and conferences.

Since 2013, Agile Turkey has been bringing Agile leaders and practitioners from leading companies around the world together to the biggest Agile event of the year for Turkey and for the region: Agile Turkey Summit. In 2019, the event will be organized for the 7th time in a row and it will be on October 24th, 2019 at Istanbul. In 2018, the Summit had huge interest of delegates from 20+ countries around the world (especially from Europe). The event hosted 1000+ attendees from 150+ companies including the world’s leading companies.

In 2019, the Summit will be bigger and more attractive with sophisticated topics and speakers. 1000+ attendees are expected again to join 15+ sessions on 3 parallel tracks.

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CFP Description

Agile Turkey Summit 2019 motto is “Influence : Your team, organization and culture”. Based on our motto, we are interested in hearing influencing talks about the following topics :

• Coaching Agile Teams – Guidance, practices and activities intended to create awesome agile teams. Activities for team collaboration, team leadership, establishing team charters & working agreements, facilitating effective team ceremonies and retrospectives, promoting psychological safety, and also measurement & metrics to enable teams to make data-informed decisions. Also activities to enhance / improve agile training workshops and also touch on ways to use improve and other collaborative activities on agile teams.

• Agile Technical Practices – Practices, demonstrations and tutorials of technical activities necessary for successful agile development, including but not limited to: automated testing, test driven development, continuous integration, test engineering, design patterns, automated code analysis, code katas, pair programming, mob programming, agile technical metrics and technical key performance indicators. Also sessions focusing on continuous delivery, DevOps, agile infrastructure, platform as a service (PaaS), cloud / cloud native development practices (example: 12 factor applications), user experience (UX), and human centered design (HCD) are welcomed.

• Agile Transformation – Stories, experiences and practices to enable adoption of agile approaches. This track will focus on how teams and organizations have been able to change to enable faster delivery of software products to customers and end-users. Methodologies and practices related to agile portfolio management and scaling agile software development.

• Innovation – Stories and practices to apply the values & principles of agile software development outside of software development teams and Information Technology, such as within marketing, accounting, human resources, education or other new / emerging applications. Workshops of how to apply agile practices & approaches within business activities to improve idea generation, group collaboration, rapid prototyping and business model experimentation. Stories and case presentations of using agile practices to guide business operations and/or lean startup activities.

• Speakers – The conference welcomes all to submit to speak at Agile Turkey Summit and welcome sessions from across business sectors and disciplines. We welcome sessions from both technical and non-technical teams and organizations.

• Audience – Agile Turkey Summit attracts a diverse array of attendees in a variety of technical and non-technical roles. Please include information in your synopsis that will help our delegates decide if your session is suitable to their role and level of experience.

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