Boston Ruby Group - Monthly Meeting

Boston, MA August 13, 2024, September 10, 2024, October 08, 2024
Tags: Ruby, Rails, Ecosystem

Accepting Submissions

Boston Ruby is a local community of Rubyists and enthusiasts of open source software. The main event is (usually) the second Tuesday of every month @ 6PM.

The meeting entails one or two 30-minute presentations, lightning talks, and announcements.

We are always looking for great talks and speakers! Please submit your talks here so we can respond and schedule them.

CFP Description

Please keep your talks focused to Ruby and Ruby related projects (gems, Rails, etc…). If you have a subject you feel passionate about, that is not directly about Ruby, please understand you have to really sell on how this would benefit Ruby developers.

  • Talks are usually between 30-35 minutes.
  • Lightning talks should be about 5 minutes.

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