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The future has already happened!

Do you remember times when the possibility of people being able to fly was just a phantasmagorical idea of fiction novels? Or the communicator from Star Trek was just a prop back then. A robot of a humanoid type, able to interact with people seamlessly, has been seen only in movies. The future has been predicted and happened already and is happening even today. Step by step, bit by bit, we are pushing the limits and bounds of technology and human ingenuity further. The unthinkable and crazy ideas born today are the technology of tomorrow. Be part of it, give your ideas wings and make proof of concept, show others your research, or just come and discuss your wildest ideas and dreams in a community of like-minded people. Where else can you experience precisely this? History, presence and future merged into the atmosphere like nowhere else. Come to Prague, the heart of Europe, to see the future happening again.

CFP Description

The future has already happened - connecting old and new, from old-school to cutting-edge. As a community conference, the level and type of talks are not limited. Submit any research related to general computer security, which will be reviewed. We provide 40 or 20 minutes slots + 5 minutes for QA and speaker switching; the conference language is English. As we are organizing our first year in 2024, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about your talk. We are always at Security BSides are generally welcoming and open conferences for experienced and new speakers. We offer accommodation coverage for selected talk speakers from abroad and a few other perks. Unfortunately, we are not able to cover travel expenses. Even if you are not selected, don’t worry. If the talk is interesting but doesn’t fit into the main track, we may ask you to create a shortened version for evening lightning talks.

So what are you waiting for? If you have anything to show or discuss, send it and come to Prague in April 2024 for the Security BSides, where like-minded people will be waiting for you!

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