BSidesYXE 2024

Saskatoon, SK August 24, 2024

CFP closes at  July 16, 2024 06:00 UTC

About Security BSides

Security BSides, or simply BSides, is a grassroots movement that has sparked a global wave of community-driven conferences presenting a wide array of information security talks. Imagine it as the indie music festival of the cybersecurity world – it’s where the latest tunes in security research and innovation are shared, away from the mainstream stages. Born out of a need to find a home for security presentations that didn’t fit into the larger, more commercial conferences, BSides has become the stage for security professionals and enthusiasts to connect and share ideas in an open, collaborative environment.

About BSidesYXE

This is the first year of BSides in Saskatoon, SK. We’re just a bunch of likeminded nerds and hackers who saw the need to foster and grow the security community in Saskatoon. Help make our event the best it can be by giving an amazing talk!

Who should come?

BSides events are a must-visit for anyone with a spark of interest in cybersecurity, whether you’re a seasoned professional, a budding enthusiast, or just curious about the field.

It’s particularly great for: -Security Professionals -Students -Hackers -Nerds

But most importantly, it’s about community and all are welcome.

CFP Description

Call for Papers

We’re looking fill 5 to 6 ~30-45 minute talks about infosec, tech, or event just something nerdy that you’re passionate about!

First time talking at a conference? No problem! That’s what BSides is about, it’s a safe environment to test out that talk in front of a smaller crowd and really hone those speaking skills.

But we aren’t a sales conference, so please don’t try to sell us something. It’s ok to talk about a product or even mention that it’s something for sale, but don’t use this time as a pitch for your service or product.

This event is about the community, not about selling another blinky box or checkbox tick.

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