Crunch Data Conference 2021 - Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary October 06, 2021, October 07, 2021, October 08, 2021
Tags: Data science, Bi, Data, Data engineering, Data analytics, Ai, Ds

CFP closed at  July 23, 2021 22:00 UTC

CRUNCH is a use case heavy conference for people interested in building the finest data driven businesses. No matter the size of your venture or your job description you will find exactly what you need on Crunch Data Conference. Talks around the topic of BI, Data Science, Data Engineering and Data Analytics will serve diverse business needs and levels of expertise.

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The 4 main areas we plan to cover are: - BI - Data Science - Data Engineering - Data Analytics

Please pick whichever fits your proposal best.

Please note: we want this year’s Crunch Conference to be a hybrid event, meaning people could attend it offline and online as well. However to provide the best possible experience for those who will attend the conference in person we want our speakers to be physically at the conference when they deliver their talks. That being said if the circumstances changed and we needed to do our conference in an online setup we still want to be ready for that. Because of this please send us a submission only if you are ready to travel here for the conference in case the conditions make that possible, but if you are also willing to give your talk in an online setup if that was necessary.

ABOUT THE TALK SESSIONS: - Talk session will be held on October 07, 08. - Sessions will be 45 minutes long (40 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A), so please prepare your topic in this timeframe.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOPS: - Workshop will be held on October 06. - We expect submissions for 4-hour and 8-hour workshops. - We provide workshop fee based on sold tickets.

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