DecompileD 2024

Dresden, Germany March 08, 2024
Tags: Beginner, Intermediate, Experts, Cloud, Mobile, Web, Ai, Agile, Culture, Productivity, Best-practice, Experience, Data

CFP closed at  December 04, 2023 00:00 UTC

DecompileD is the conference by developers for developers. Whether mobile, cloud, big data, analytics, machine learning or artificial intelligence - talks and meetups focus on current challenges, solutions, and new trends in software development.

The goal of DecompileD is to share knowledge, benefit from the know-how of others, and find and discuss solutions and fresh ideas.

Become part of the DecompileD community. Use the network to your advantage. Connect with local companies and experts. Make DecompileD your playground.

We look forward to you and your input.

Join us in Dresden on 8 March 2024 and submit your contribution by 30 November 2023!

CFP Description

The DecompileD audience consists of developers of various engineering fields on the one hand and decision makers from local companies on the other.

In order to put together an attractive and stimulating conference program, we are primarily looking for ~30min talks on the following topics:

● Key Topics Engineering Track ○ Cloud Engineering ○ Mobile and Web Development ○ Machine Learning and AI

● Key Topics Management Track ○ Productivity and Engineering Culture ○ Inspiring Stories of Technical Innovation ○ Agile Development Insights

Presentations should target an intermediate audience level, striking the right balance between being accessible to those with a foundational understanding of the topic but also give valuable insights for domain experts.