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IoT, cloud and enterprise developers, DevOps engineers


Through cloud, IoT and new developer platforms and tools, developers are creating enterprise apps for the future. These apps aren’t just for business—they affect everything—people, places, and things. They are built on a programmable infrastructure connected through APIs and DevOps practices, making the relationship between infrastructure and apps symbiotic.

Held in San Francisco, CA, May 23-24, the two-day conference, DevNet Create, was built to bring clarity to the blurred lines between infrastructure and applications. Through two session tracks, networking, keynotes, workshops, mini-hacks and learning labs, the conference offers top notch content combined with hands-on learning, to break down the barriers between infrastructure and applications and help developers learn, code and connect and inspire.


  • The only conference for IoT and cloud developers that joins the forces of infrastructure and app development to inspire and define the art of the possible.
  • Hands-on learning matched with cross-vertical and cross-platform speakers present the whole enchilada of developer tools and options.
  • An intimate setting to connect with peers and meet leaders in the world of infrastructure and applications.

CFP Description

Based on a lot of recent interest, we decided to extend the CFP end date to April 7th, 2017 at 11:59PM PDT.

We are excited to have you submit to our first annual event!

Need some speaking ideas? Here are the general topics we are interested in for our two tracks:


IoT & User Experience

Today, apps are accessing and controlling appliances, machinery, sensors, and vehicles; doing all sorts of cool things out of sci-fi movies. But with apps now connecting people, places, things and business, there are the real-world critical problems to think about. Topics will include:

Where Apps meet Things

  • IoT security, protocols, standards and interoperability
  • Fog / Edge Computing

Where Apps meet Places

  • Building indoor location-aware applications
  • Indoor location analytics for Retail

Where Apps meet People

  • Enterprise Chats Bots, Voice and SMS Interactive Assistants
  • Conversational Computing and Voice Interfaces

Where Apps meet Design & Architecture

  • API Design and implementation strategies
  • When to use a REST approach and to choose others


Cloud & DevOps

DevOps, hybrid, containers, microservices—There are buzz words aplenty in the world of cloud. Running your cloud native apps, balancing a combination of public and private cloud, and new ways apps are designed, written, deployed, managed and operated; stay on top of the ever-evolving world of cloud. Topics will include:

Where Apps meet Microservices

  • 12 Factor and Cloud Native Application Design
  • Refactoring Monolithic Applications

Where Apps meet Deployment / SLA’s / Scale / Expectations

  • Infrastructure as Code at Scale, the tools
  • Monitoring at Scale

Where Apps meet Security

  • Web Service Authentication with OAUTH
  • Cryptography… making privacy cool again

Where Apps meet Analytics (Intelligence)

  • Leveraging Machine Learning
  • BigData: After the Hype

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