DevOpsDays Hartford 2019

Hartford, CT October 02, 2019, October 03, 2019
Tags: Success, Failure, Humans, Retrospectives, Containers, Ci/cd, Culture

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DevOpsDays returns to Hartford this year October 2nd and 3rd at Infinity Hall on Front Street.

Starting at 9am each day, we’re planning a full day of talks, ignites, open spaces and the ever-present “Hallway Track” to hear from some of our industry’s thought leaders and collaborate with our peers for the future of DevOps in Connecticut. Please see the website for more information about this event.

Just The Facts

DevOpsDays Hartford 2019

October 02-03, 2019; 09:00-17:00
Evening Happy Hour on October 10 from 17:00-19:30

Infinity Music Hall and Bistro 32 Front Street Hartford, CT 06103

CFP Description

DevOpsDays is the attendee-focused conference talking about all things DevOps. The Connecticut area is a great spot for both experienced DevOps-ers and those who are just learning that there’s even a word for this sort of thing. With everything from an active BioTech startup industry and a well established insurance capitol, we’re talking about hosting people in companies ranging from a hand-full to hundreds-of-thousands of employees.

We’re looking for talks that include:
* Success Stories (How has DevOps worked for your team)
* Failures (What huge mistakes did you make in your journey and what did you learn?)
* Kubernetes and Other Buzzwords (But seriously, what’s good? What’s bad? What’s awesome? What did you learn? What’s the tech to keep our eyes on?)
* Culture Change (What challenges have you faced? What have you overcome? What’s still to come?)
* Postmortems (What’s effective?)
* Human systems (Cynefin, Cybernetics, other things I haven’t thought about)
* Continuous Integration
* Continuous Delivery
* Continuous Improvement
* Lean Technology Processes
* Monitoring & Data Science (What new things have you started monitoring? What have you learned? How has the business benefitted?)
* Anything else I haven’t thought of. (Seriously, if you think, “I’m not sure whether this is relevant, but it might be” submit your talk. I’d rather turn down 10 irrelevant talks than miss out on 1 amazing and apt proposal.)

Please note: We will not accept any vendor talks or sales pitches. This is not the space for you. If you’re a technology vendor seeking to engage with our attendees, please see our sponsorship page or contact for more information.

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