DevRelCon London 2017


CFP closed at  September 30, 2017 23:00 UTC

DevRelCon is the world’s leading developer relations, developer experience and developer marketing conference. Focusing on practitioner to practitioner content, DevRelCon draws people from across the world to come learn and share about their craft.

Our London 2017 edition will be the eighth in the series and we’d love to have you come speak. This year we have three main themes:

  • developer relations strategy: getting serious about how we plan and measure what we do
  • developer experience: how to create compelling onboarding, documentation and support experiences
  • developer and tech marketing: how do we draw from traditional marketing to reach new audiences for our tech?

We also welcome submissions on other themes, so long as they’re of interest to a developer relations audience. However, please do not submit your NodeJS, Docker, devops (or any other technology-specific) talks as that just wastes everybody’s time.

DevRelCon London 2017 will be at the Barbican in the City of London of December 6th.

CFP Description

For this edition of DevRelCon, we’re particularly looking for talks that cover:

  • developer relations strategy
  • developer experience
  • developer marketing.

However, we are excited to see submissions on any talk that is related to the subject.

Please note that, while we’re aiming for 30 minute talk slots, some slots may be shorter or longer. We will discuss that with you if your talk is accepted.

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