CFP closed at  April 08, 2021 16:46 UTC

Dgraph Day /diːgrɑːf deɪ/ ▸n.. Day designed for dedicated developer discussions of Dgraph.

We want to celebrate Dgraph and more importantly, our users. We want to hear from the community of people who use Dgraph. Whether you host your own Dgraph, or use Slash GraphQL, we want to hear your stories!

Event website and registration are coming soon, so stay tuned!

What’s in it for you?

  • Help others avoid your struggles. Whether you learned something new or overcame unusual challenges, share your lessons and help the rest of the graph database community.
  • Boost your reputation. Always wanted to be a speaker at a large-scale conference? Ready to see your name in lights (or at least on Twitter)? Show your amazing insight and increase your credibility.
  • Inspire the community. We know you’re building something truly extraordinary. Whether you’re using Dgraph open source, Slash GraphQL, or Dgraph Cloud, your cool idea could help spark the rest of the community to dream bigger and imagine their next project.

CFP Description

Dgraph Day celebrates Dgraph users. So we want to hear your stories about Dgraph. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • User Stories: how have you used Dgraph? What were the problems you faced and how did you solve them?
  • Using Dgraph at scale.
  • Using Dgraph for data science, data engineering, machine learning.
  • Using Dgraph to build applications.
  • Migrating from another database to Dgraph.
  • Dealing with big data with Dgraph.
  • DQL tips and tricks

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