CFP closed at  July 01, 2017 18:00 UTC


An Elixir conference with views!


  • Dates: November 9-10 2017
  • Location: Estes Park, Colorado
  • CFP Opens: 05/01/2017 - 12 noon
  • CFP Closes: 06/30/2017 - 12 midnight


Our goals for this event are simple:

  • Soulful
  • Interactive
  • Instructive
  • Relaxed
  • Fun


  • All proposals will be entitled to a discount off the conference price
  • Conference admission will be included for all accepted talks

CFP Description


We are looking for talks that are both inspiring and thought provoking. There is a vast array of topics lurking around in the community, we will take special interests on the following topics, but if you have other nuggets or concepts you want to share, we will be just equally interested in hearing about them!

  • Best practices, Trick shots
  • Thinking differently
  • Databases beyond `Hello World
  • Testing, Documentation
  • Elixir from the trenches
  • Concurrency techniques
  • Deployments, Clustering applications, Scaling
  • Building DSLs
  • Microservices
  • From Development to Production
  • When things go wrong: Debugging, Alerting, Monitoring, …
  • Performance measurement, Tricks and Gotchas
  • Exploring the language, not so well known useful apis and packages
  • Building Hex packages, how-to, best practices
  • What’s in your tool belt?
  • IOT
  • Mo’ Awesomeness…

Special considerations will be given to colorful topics. We are doing this at the Stanley after all so a bit of themed spirit might draw our attention?

Lastly, you are free (encouraged) to submit several talks, but make sure you spend some time honing your descriptions, so reviewers are crystal clear on your intents. So please focus on the What and Takeaway for your audience!!

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