EuroRust 2024 – Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria October 10, 2024, October 11, 2024
Tags: Rust

CFP closes at  June 03, 2024 10:50 UTC

EuroRust is a 2-day conference for the European Rust community.

CFP Description


EuroRust is a general-purpose Rust conference. We attract a heterogenous crowd:

  • Professionals using Rust in their daily job
  • Maintainers and contributors to Rust’s open-source ecosystem
  • Developers who are curious about Rust, or just getting started


The conference will have two tracks:

  • General-purpose, hosted on the main stage
  • Deep-dive, hosted on a smaller side stage

Talks for the general-purpose track should be appealing and comprehensible to most attendees.
Talks for the deep-dive track can instead target a smaller audience—e.g. they might require a higher level of Rust proficiency or background in a specific area (e.g. embedded or Linux internals).
You must submit your proposals to a specific track. We will contact you if we believe your submission is better suited for the other track.


We’re open to a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Rust patterns, anti-patterns and idioms
  • Domain-specific talks (backend, WASM, embedded, system programming, etc.)
  • Deep dives into specific Rust libraries or projects
  • Case studies from the industry
  • A review of the state-of-the-art in a specific area

Selection process

There will be a two-stage review process: the first stage is anonymous, the second isn’t.

During the first stage, we’ll judge your proposal based on the information in your abstract and talk outline.
Make sure to clarify:

  • The target audience: what level of Rust proficiency do you expect? Do they need a background in a specific domain to follow along?
  • The topics you’ll touch on.
  • The key takeaways: what will an attendee learn that they didn’t know before?

During the second stage, we will take into account your identity:

  • We will accept at most 1 talk from the same speaker
  • We will try to balance the number of experienced and first-time speakers. We want to see new faces on the stage!
  • If you’re an experienced speaker, we may review your previous talks


Speakers will get a free ticket to attend both conference days.
Talks must be in English.
All talks will be recorded and live-streamed. Recordings will be published on EuroRust’s YouTube channel after the conference.

Speak at EuroRust 2024 – Vienna, Austria!
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